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The invention relates to a mounting assembly for a pole, such as a pole light conventionally carried by a stern of boat hulls. The mounting assembly provides for the use of a ratchet mechanism having a pair of cooperating members, with the pole being secured to one of the ratchet members. A bracket secures the ratchet mechanism to a stable body, such as the hull of a ship, or the housing of a motor. The pole can be positioned in any of a plurality of selected positions by rotating the pole against the engagement of the ratchet teeth between the two members. A spring continuously pulls one ratchet member against the second ratchet member, preventing disengagement thereof, while allowing a limited lateral movement between the ratchet members.

Mounting assembly for a pole
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July 16, 1992
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April 5, 1994
Ruston Bertrand
P.O. Box 133, Baldwin, 70514-0133
Keaty & Keaty
B63B 45/04
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