05299260 is referenced by 371 patents and cites 18 patents.

A system for automatically handling incoming telephone calls. The system receives an incoming call and telephony information about the incoming call, and, using a call discrimination subsystem and based on the telephony information, assigns control of the call to one of a plurality of possible application programs. At least one application program includes queries for obtaining further information about the call and returns control of the call to the call discrimination subsystem to reassign the call based on the telephony information and the further information. The system selects an application program by comparing telephony information about the call with telephony digit patterns that correspond to different types of telephony information and that have been input by a user to be associated with an application program. Other features of the system are directed to selecting agents to handle incoming calls based on a list of quantitative agent performance values that are continuously updated by a monitoring system. In some cases, multiple, user-selectable lists are maintained. Also, offset values are used to modify the agent performance values when selecting an agent. When an agent is selected, the system provides on command of a plurality of possible commands regarding the handling of the incoming call depending upon which agent has been selected. The system also counts the number of incoming calls and handles a preselected number of the calls in a different manner than the remainder of the calls.

Telephone call handling system
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July 29, 1993
Publication Date
March 29, 1994
Jack Shaio
Fish & Richardson
Unifi Communications Corporation
H04M 5/06
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