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A cursor moving system includes a designated-area management unit for processing for display on a screen of areas to be designated by a cursor. A cursor position management unit processes movement of a cursor indication position on the screen according to a cursor moving operation by a pointing device. A cursor position determination unit searches for a designated area to which the cursor belongs now, and another designated area existing in a travelling direction of the cursor, based on information on a current position of the cursor and information on a travelling direction of the cursor received from the cursor position management unit in response to the pointing device. It also determines whether or not the nearest designated area existing in a travelling direction is separated from the current designated area. If separated, then it informs the cursor position management unit, when the cursor arrives at the boundary of the current designated area, of position information on a cursor display position, which resides within the determined nearest other designated area and is nearest from the designated area in which the cursor resides now, as the current position information of the cursor at that time. The cursor position management unit recognizes the position information communicated from the cursor position determination unit as information of the current position, and thereafter sequentially modifies such a newly recognized current position information based on the travelling direction and amount information from the pointing device, so that the cursor is sequentially moved.

Discontinuous movement system and method for mouse cursor
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April 10, 1991
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March 29, 1994
Toshio Nakamura
Yoichi Kanamaru
Edward D Manzo
Oki Electric
G09G 3/02
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