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Edible containers suitable for containing frozen confections (e.g., ice cream, frozen yogurt and the like) and other food products are made by initially baking a dough which consists essentially of sugar, oil and flour between a pair of heated platens to achieve a de-watered initially baked edible sheet. The initially baked sheet is then moisturized (e.g., by spraying water onto one or both surfaces of the sheet) to increase the moisture content of the sheet preferably to between 10 to 15 wt. %. The moisturized and initially baked edible sheet may then be packaged either singly or in a stack (e.g., 10 or more such sheets) within a non-water-absorptive packaging material. If packaged in a stack, a non-stick peelable sheet (e.g., silicone-coated paper) is interposed between adjacent edible sheets in the stack. The package may be opened at the point of sale and subjected to final baking and forming. In this connection, immediately after the final baking step, the finally baked sheet retains sufficient flexibility for forming into cup-shaped, dish-shaped and cone-shaped containers. Upon cooling, the edible containers will be crispy.

Method of producing an edible container
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December 3, 1992
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March 29, 1994
Sadaharu Ito
30-5, Saginomiya 1-chome, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Nixon & Vanderhye
A21D 13/08
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