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A method is provided for closing a puncture in a wall of an artery made for the purpose of moving an elongated catheter into the artery in which an exterior guide tube is extended through the adjacent skin area through the body containing the artery, through the puncture in the wall of the artery and into the artery so as to enable the catheter to be guidingly moved through the guide tube and into the artery. The method includes the steps of withdrawing the catheter from the guide tube, extending a plug having a removable guide wire extending longitudinally therethrough into the guide tube so that the guide wire extends from the plug through the puncture, moving the guide tube outwardly so that it no longer extends within the puncture and leaves the guide wire extending through the puncture, moving the plug inwardly along the guide wire into blocking relation with the puncture, and withdrawing the guide wire from the plug so as to leave the plug sealed in blocking relation with the puncture. A device is also provided to employ the method.

Methods and device for percutanceous sealing of arterial puncture sites
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July 27, 1992
Publication Date
March 8, 1994
Benjamin I Lee
4911 Van Ness St, NW., Washington, 20016
Cushman Darby & Cushman
A61B 17/00
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