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A cluster computer system includes a plurality of independently operated computer systems located in close proximity to each other. Each system includes a system bus, a memory, and a set of local peripheral devices which connect in common to the system bus. The computer systems are interconnected for transferring messages to each other through the channels of a high speed cluster controller which connect to the system buses. Each system further includes a cluster driver which transfers the messages between the memory of the computer system and the corresponding cluster controller channel when the system is configured to operate in a cluster mode of operation. User application programs issue monitor calls to access files contained on a peripheral device(s). The fast remote file access (FRFA) facility included in each system upon detecting that the peripheral device is not locally attached, packages the monitor call and information identifying the user application into a message. The message is transferred through the cluster driver and cluster controller to the FRFA of the computer system to which the peripheral device attaches. The monitor call is executed and the response is sent back through the cluster controller and delivered to the user application in a manner so that the peripheral device of the other computer systems appears to be locally attached and the monitor call appears to be locally executed.

Fast remote file access facility for distributing file access requests in a closely coupled computer system
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September 18, 1990
Publication Date
February 15, 1994
William F Roberts
John S Solakian
Faith F Driscoll
Bull HN Information Systems
G06F 13/00
H04L 12/44
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