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A rack for electrical equipment includes a base having a bottom wall, and a back wall extending up from the bottom wall at the back of the rack. The bottom wall has a plurality of fastener openings therein through which fasteners may be driven into a surface supporting the rack for securing the rack to the surface. A pair of legs extend up from the bottom wall of the base at opposite sides of the base adjacent the back wall of the base. A cover may be removably fastened to the base of the rack in a position where the cover extends forward from the back wall of the base between the legs of the rack and is spaced above the bottom wall of the base to form, in combination with the back and bottom walls of the base, an enclosure for electrical wiring and the like. Removal of the cover from the base provides ready access to the electrical wiring and the like and also the fastener openings in the bottom wall of the base for facilitating securement of the rack to the surface. The rack further includes optional bracing so that the rack is strengthened for use in areas prone to seismic occurrences.

Rack for electrical equipment
Application Number
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June 24, 1992
Publication Date
February 8, 1994
Eric R Rinderer
Senniger Powers Leavitt & Roedel
B Line Systems
A47F 7/00
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