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An improved telecommunication system is provided which allows the transmission of full motion color video, voice and data over a communications link formed of a twisted pair of wires of the type currently utilized only for voice and data communications. The signal is transmitted over the twisted pair link as a broadband signal up to a distance of six thousand feet. The twisted pair link exhibits a known impedance to the signal, depending upon the lengths of the twisted pairs of wires in the link. As the signal is received from the twisted pair link it is amplified and an impedance proportional to the impedance of the twisted pair link and vectorially opposite thereto is impressed thereon. A unity gain is achieved whereby the signal degrading effects of the impedance of the twisted pair link are reversed. This results in the accurate reproduction of a video signal over a link including significant lengths of conventional twisted pairs of telephone wires. Moreover, because the compensation for telephone line twisted pair impedance allows the accurate reproduction of a broadband signal, a plurality of different video, telephone and data signals can be multiplexed together and transmitted simultaneously over the same twisted pair link.

Telecommunication system for transmitting full motion video
Application Number
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August 20, 1990
Publication Date
February 1, 1994
Boysie M Goolcharan
Charles H Thomas
Christine Holland Trustee Goolcharan Trust
H04M 11/00
H04N 7/14
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