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A method of encoding alphabetic characters and inputting electrical signals defining those characters to a computer includes the use of a keyboard having five individual alpha input keys, one alpha input key being operatively associated with an operator's thumb and the remaining keys each being dedicated for operation by one finger of the operator's hand. The keys are actuable either individually or in chord combinations for encoding the alphabetic characters and inputting electrical signals to the computer. Each of the alpha input keys are designated to represent one of the five vowels. Therefore, when these keys are actuated individually they generate electrical signals corresponding to the vowels. The consonants of the alphabet are designated to correspond to chord combinations of key actuations. Unique electrical signals are generated in response to the actuation of one or more of the alpha keys to selectively input the electrical signals defining the alphabetic characters to the computer.

Method of encoding alphabetic characters for a chord keyboard
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January 31, 1992
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January 25, 1994
A Peter Walsh
4545 N. Chelsea La., Bethesda, 20814-4748
Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch
G06F 3/023
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