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The visual accident prevention system relates to accident prevention through the use of a lens system, a fiberoptic cable system and a display device system. A lens system is placed on each side of the vehicle, at the very least, on the front portion of the vehicle, and, preferably, on the front portion and on the rear portion of the vehicle. Each of these lens systems have a fiberoptic cable system leading from the lens system to the lens system's corresponding display device. Each of these display devices when considered, in toto, form the display device system. Each lens system consists of a converging lens which receives the image from the blind spot which corresponds to the lens system's position on the vehicle. This converging lens reduces the image size and outputs this reduced size image to the diverging lens on which the converging lens abuts. The diverging lens, in turn, corrects the convergence of the reduced size image output from the converging lens and delivers this corrected reduced size image to the fiberoptic cable. The fiberoptic cable then delivers the image to the corresponding display device.

Visual accident prevention system
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February 2, 1993
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January 18, 1994
David P Ainsburg
199 Hampden St., 1st Floor, Chicopee, 01013
Richard C Litman
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