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An ear piece device configured for being supported in the ear and providing a microphone which is sensitive only to sounds conducted within the skull of the user is contained within a housing which is configured at one end to fit snugly at the ear canal of the user, but not to extend within the ear canal. A microphone element is coupled within the housing in a position such that the microphone element is separated from contact with the skull of the user by the housing. This microphone element includes an inertial platform which has sufficient inertial mass to substantially resist movement associated with the housing by reason of audio vibration and which is cantilevered at one end within the housing and includes signal means for generating a signal representing vibrations transferred into the housing in the form of audio vibrations from the user. This signal is supplied to an audio circuit for processing and reproduction of the user's voice. A speaker element may be included within the ear device and can be decoupled acoustically so as to avoid feedback. This system can operate with full duplex and enable hands free communication and direct voice command by user through computer modems, telephone networks and other communication systems.

Bone conductive ear microphone and method
Application Number
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May 11, 1992
Publication Date
January 18, 1994
Elwood G Norris
Thorpe North & Western
Jabra Corporation
H04M 1/05
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