05279591 is referenced by 156 patents and cites 22 patents.

A protector guard housing is disclosed for a catheter type needle apparatus to prevent accidental needle puncture. The guard housing is initially positioned between the hub of the catheter and the handle of the needle which slidably extends through the catheter in a known manner. A detent mechanism initially retains the forward end of the guard to the catheter hub while needle supports within the guard permits the needle to axially move relative to the guard. When the needle is withdrawn from the catheter after site puncture, a resilient closure wall formed in the protector closes the protector's forward end while the needle's cutting end is simultaneously wedged into contact with friction retention material in the protector. The needle's cutting end is thus encapsulated within the protector when the detent mechanism releases the protector from the catheter.

Protector for needle catheter
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September 8, 1992
Publication Date
January 18, 1994
Alexander Z Simon
4460 Ammon Rd., South Euclid, 44143
Body Vickers & Daniels
A61M 5/00
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