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A system for remotely disabling or enabling an automobile having at least one receiver that scans signal codes transmitted in frequencies dedicated to mobile telephone communications, and at least one frequency outside that used in mobile telephone communications. The signal codes received by the receiver are compared to an enabling code and a disabling code stored within a programmable memory. When the owner of an automobile finds the vehicle stolen, the owner dials the telephone number corresponding to the disabling code of the automobile. The dialed number causes a signal code to be transmitted from the mobile telephone transmitted network, wherein the signal code is received by the stolen automobile. If the transmitted signal code matches the programmed disabling code the automobile is disabled. Similarly, the automobile can be enabled if a signal code is received that matches the enabling code the automobile. The signal code corresponding to the disabling and enabling codes for the automobile can also be transmitted on a frequency not used in mobile telephone communications by portable transmitters carried by police. As such, a stolen automobile can be selectively disabled by police if located.

Remotely activated automobile disabling system
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November 6, 1991
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January 4, 1994
Dean Pagliaroli
140 George St., South Amboy, 08879
Kenneth Pagliaroli
140 George St., South Amboy, 08879
Arthur L Plevy
B60R 25/10
B60R 25/00
B60R 25/04
H04M 11/00
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