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A wagering system for random drawing lotteries has a central data processor managing acceptance of player entries and payout authorization. Remote agent terminals receive player entry data from players and process authorized payouts. Portable agent data modules having an on-board memory and security provisions are issued to the agents and carry data in both directions between the central data processor and the terminals. Preferably the agent modules are integrated circuit cards or "smartcards". Available player entries are downloaded from the central data processor to the agent data modules, stored on the agent data modules for transport to the agent data terminals, and uploaded under security protection to the agent data terminals when processing a wager. The agent data modules record assignment of the available player entries to players for reporting to the central processor and can obtain payout authorizations or credits. Player entries can be dispensed from the agent data terminals without a need for contemporaneous communication with the central data processor, with protection of security aspects included in the agent data modules. The invention is applicable to verified wager lotteries, instant games and immediate payout number matching games, and is also useful for transferring invoicing and promotional information, etc., using the smartcard as the transfer media.

Wagering system using smartcards for transfer of agent terminal data
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December 10, 1990
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January 4, 1994
R Steven McCarthy
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott
GTECH Corporation
G06K 5/00
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