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In connection with a system for simplifying the use of a plurality of credit cards, check cards, customer cards, or the like, it is proposed to provide an electronic multi-function card comprising a storage accommodating a plurality of individual data sets representing individual single-purpose cards, and comprising at least two display boxes in which data can be displayed by electronic activation, and further contact means accessible from the outside which enable the data sets stored at any time to be paged through successively and the individual data of each single-purpose card to be displayed in the display boxes, and permitting further the entry of a secret code and, finally, the data sets and/or individual parts thereof to be entered and read out, respectively.

Method and device for simplifying the use of a plurality of credit cards, or the like
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July 1, 1992
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January 4, 1994
Hartmut Hennige
23 Packman Lane, Home Green Kirk Ella, Hull HU10 7TH N. Humberside
Darby & Darby
G06K 19/07
G06K 19/00
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