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Weighted segments are repositioned during the running of tubulars into a deviated portion of the well. One method of repositioning adds separate weights to the top of a tubular string, runs the separate weight partially "down" the well, removes the weight downhole from the tubular string, and repositions and attaches the weight to an uphole portion of the tubular string prior to continuing the running operation. Another method partially runs a first portion of the tubulars detachably connected to heavy weight drill string, detaches and repositions the heavy drill string leaving the first tubular portion downhole, runs a second tubular portion downhole until it contact the first portion using the repositioned heavy drill string to assist in running, attaches the first tubular portion to the second tubular portion, and continues running the reattached assembly downhole. Repositioning can be accomplished by a detachable pipe string connector, such as a snap latch, or a retrievable tool attached to the tubulars, such as a retrievable bridge plug. The method extends the horizontal distance the tubulars can be run without rotation, additional force, or trapping a buoyant fluid.

Repositioned running method for well tubulars
Application Number
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August 31, 1992
Publication Date
January 4, 1994
David J Payne
William O Jacobson
Gregory F Wirzbicki
Union Oil Company of California
E21B 47/00
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