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The invention supplies electricity to a recharger used to recharge batteries in a battery-powered vehicle. An arm mechanism is attached to the vehicle and moveable relative to the vehicle. At the distal end of the arm is an electrical plug protected by a retractable sheath and electrically connected to the recharger. A docking station located remote from the vehicle, emitting light and containing a conical passageway for guiding the plug to the outlet. A docker attached to the vehicle, containing optical sensors tuned to the light emitted by the docking station. Software instructions move the arm mechanism to seek the outlet, calculate the position of the outlet, and move the arm mechanism to connect the plug to the outlet. Software instructions activate the electrical supply to the outlet if the vehicle is authorized to receive electricity.

Automatic power connector for recharging electric vehicles
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November 27, 1991
Publication Date
December 21, 1993
Patrick W Nee
96 Walter St., Roslindale, 02131
Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds
H02J 7/00
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