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A DC/AC inverter controlling system controls a DC/AC inverter so as to continuously output maximum AC power thereof, taking account of solar energy generated from a solar cell. The DC/AC inverter controlling system comprises: a DC/AC inverter unit for inverting DC (direct current) power derived from the solar cell power source into AC (alternating current) power to be supplied to an AC power line; a power variation judging unit for judging whether or not a variation measured during a predetermined time period and occurring in the AC power outputted from the DC/AC inverter unit, exceeds a predetermined value, thereby producing a power variation judging signal; and a power controlling unit for controlling the DC/AC inverter unit so as to reduce the power variation to substantially zero in response to the power variation judging signal, while the power variation does not exceed the predetermined value. As a result, the AC power outputted from the DC/AC inverter unit becomes a maximum value thereof.

DC/AC inverter controller for solar cell, including maximum power point tracking function
Application Number
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June 3, 1992
Publication Date
December 7, 1993
Yukio Kandatsu
Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
G05F 5/00
H02M 7/44
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