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An apparatus and method of altering video images to enable the addition of images, message, slogans or indicia in such a manner that they appear to be part of the original image as displayed. The application of the apparatus and method is particularly adapted to be used as advertising during sporting events or other events whereby an operator selects a portion of the video image display (16) such as a portion of a tennis court (12), recognizes the selected portion (17) and inserts a logo or advertising message (27) into that selected portion. The message is inserted into the selected portion of the court independent of how the scene is being panned or viewed by the television camera. The apparatus employs a pattern recognition algorithm such as the Burt Pyramid Algorithm to recognize the specific selected image portion and by means of the image processor (17, 20, 27) substitute the logo into the first image (16) to provide a display which appears as if the inserted image was actually painted on or otherwise permanently positioned on the court. Thus the inserted images are seamlessly and realistically incorporated into the original even as the original scene is moved, panned, magnified, zoomed or otherwise altered in size or perspective. The resulting composite image appears to the television viewer to be absolutely real and present at the scene.

Television displays having selected inserted indicia
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January 28, 1992
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November 23, 1993
Martin Leach
Roy J Rosser
Arthur L Plevy
Princeton Electronic Billboard
H04N 5/272
H04N 5/262
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