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In an image coding system for coding a digital image signal sequence into a coded signal sequence and transmitting an amount of information of the coded signal at a fixed bit rate, an image coding method for coding the image signal sequence includes the steps of setting an initial quantization step size by calculation of frame information measures (PIM) with respect to an image signal sequence for each frame, segmenting the image signal sequence of each frame into a block signal sequence including a plurality of N.times.N blocks, obtaining an allocated number of bits for each block to be coded with respect to the fixed bit rate by calculation of block PIM for each block of the block signal sequence, coding the block signal sequence for each block into a coded signal sequence according to a quantization step size currently set, subtracting the number of bits in the coded signal sequence for each block from the allocated bit number, and accumulating the differences, and adjusting the quantization step size currently set when the differences accumulated deviate from a previously set range. An image coding apparatus suitable for implementing the method is disclosed. According to one aspect of the disclosed method, since the number of bits are fixed by calculating PIM, the bit amount can be accurately calculated.

Image coding method and apparatus
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July 20, 1992
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November 16, 1993
Tae eung Kim
Min seok Hong
Jong kuk Kim
Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas
Samsung Electronics
G06K 9/36
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