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This invention comprises a compact portable, handheld electronic device that is capable cataloguing and managing an inventory of consumer audio and audio-visual recordings.

The audio and audiovisual recordings include; audio cassette tapes, digital audio tapes, records, compact discs, laser dicsc, video cassette tapes, 8 mm film, 16 mm film etc..

The present invention provides the means for the user to electronically store, retrieve, search, edit, delete, display and print information pertaining to the user's inventory of audio and audio-visual recordings.

Furthermore the present invention provides the means for the user to integrate the inventory data stored in the invention with a larger user database that resides on an external computer, such as a personal computer.

Portable audio/audio-visual media tracking device
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August 23, 1990
Publication Date
November 16, 1993
Lester Sussman
9800 Bristol Sq. La. #102, Bethesda, 20814
G06F 15/24
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