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A method and a system to provide images of the internal anatomy of a mammal wherein first images of a selected one of body cavities of the mammal are provided by externally generated tomography slice data employing existing tomography techniques, wherein second images are provided by a unique endoscope inserted into the selected one of the body cavities, and wherein the first and second images are correlated to generate composite images of the selected one of the body cavities in real time, in large fields of view and in three-dimensions. The surgeon can utilize the first images to externally select a path through the selected one of the body cavity to a surgical site. The surgeon can also select predetermined three-dimensional views from said composite images for viewing during the surgical procedure.

Three-dimensional mammal anatomy imaging system and method
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July 8, 1991
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November 16, 1993
Mark Savet
50 Sutton Pl. South, New York, 10022
Peter R Mick
4 Stonybrook Trail, Kinnelon, 07405
Alfred C Hill
A61B 8/13
A61B 5/00
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