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A method and apparatus for causing weight loss in obese humans by occupying a segment of the stomach volume using a variable volume bladder filled with fluid. The bladder is inserted into the upper part of the stomach including the fundus through a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostony tube, which was non-surgically placed to create a permanent channel to the stomach. The inserted bladder is filled and emptied using a filling system for pumping fluid in and out of the bladder according to a predetermined scheme. The filling system comprises a reversible pump, a two-way valve connected to the filling tube, an electronic control means for automatically controlling the action of the filling system, and a battery. The electronic control means is connected to a plurality of sensors placed on the human body to detect digestion cycle and hemodynamic parameters. The electronic control means collects information detected by the sensors, governs the filling system according to the obtained information and predetermined operation scheme, and records times and volumes of the fluid transferred through the two-way valve.

Device and method of causing weight loss using removable variable volume intragastric bladder
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March 2, 1992
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November 9, 1993
Alan Brown
202 Twin Hills Rd., Longmeadow, 01106
Fish & Richardson
A61B 19/00
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