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An electronic device is made by a method of connecting a circuit member to a substrate. The circuit member is of the type having a discontinuous passivating layer thereon with recesses therein establishing electrical contacts. The circuit member is connected to a mounting surface of a substrate having conductive paths. An adhesive including a resin with spaced conductive metal particles suspended therein is applied over the conductive paths. The distance between the electrical contacts and conductive paths is decreased to provide electrical conduction through the adhesive, while maintaining the adhesive between conductive paths non-conductive. The conductive paths may have established thereon raised or protruding contact surfaces over a portion thereof. The circuit member is mounted on the adhesive while vertically aligning the electrical contacts over pre-selected protruding contact surfaces. Pressure is applied to concentrate the conductive metal particles between the electrical contacts and conductive paths allowing conduction therethrough.

Die mounting with uniaxial conductive adhesive
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November 22, 1991
Publication Date
November 2, 1993
James R Clements
5840 Darbwood La., West Bloomfield, 48033
Reising Ethington Barnard Perry & Milton
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H01L 27/00
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