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An apparatus and method are disclosed for the makeup and breakout of oil well drill pipe for a top drive drilling system. By using drill stock in units of 2 or 3 joints, top drive systems can significantly reduce the drill time. The apparatus comprises a lower housing placed over a rig mouse hole and an upper housing disposed on the lower housing. The housings have jaws to hold individual drill pipe joints and spring biased legs to permit play in the positioning of the lower housing with respect to the rig platform and the positioning of the upper housing with respect to the pipe. A rotatable jaw rotates one of the pipe sections to connect the pipe. The unit drill stock can then be released from the apparatus jaws and inserted into the drill string. Also disclosed is a tool joint box pipe clamp for hoisting of a drill pipe in the practice of the invention.

Oilfield make-up and breakout tool for top drive drilling systems
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October 9, 1992
Publication Date
October 26, 1993
Huey Stogner
P.O. Box 803, Houston, 77001
Andrew S Pryzant
Daniel N Lundeen
E21B 19/00
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