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A tympanic ventilation tube device for releasing fluid from the middle ear includes a tubular member, a first flange connected to a proximal end of the tubular member, a second flange connected to a distal end of the tubular member, and a cutting element connected to either the tubular member or the second flange. The cutting element projects in a generally distal direction and serves to facilitate the incising of the tympanic membrane during the insertion of the tubular member, wherein the first flange and the second flange seat against opposite sides of the membrane following the insertion. A spring-loaded protector is movably mounted to either the tubular member or the second flange for retracting in a proximal direction to expose the cutting element during an incising of a tympanic membrane by the cutting element in an insertion operation and for extending in a distal direction to cover the cutting element upon insertion of the cutting element and the distal flange through the tympanic membrane. A kit for insertion of the tube includes a placement obturator, a disposable otoscope, a syringe, a culture vial, a local anesthetic applicator and a kit container.

Myringotomy ventilliation tube, method, applicator and kit
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October 13, 1992
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October 19, 1993
Peter J Wilk
185 W. End Ave., New York, 10023
James Z Cinberg
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Henry D Coleman
R Neil Sudol
A61F 17/00
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