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An apparatus and method for monitoring pressure between the surface of a body part and a contact surface employ a plurality of pressure sensors disposed in a matrix array between the contact surface and the body part. The sensors produce analog force signals proportional to pressure, and a monitor receives the analog signals and produces output signals, preferably digital, having pressure data corresponding to the pressure at each sensor. A computer processor receives the output signals from the monitor to create a force profile for the sensor array. The sensors may be scanned as a read event in variety of manners, including periodic, continuous and triggered scanning. Where triggered scanning is desired, one or more switches act to initiate a read event. This monitoring apparatus and method is used, for example, to fit prosthetics, to monitor bed-ridden and wheelchair-bound patients, to reduce pain and sores caused by uneven distribution of pressure and to monitor pressure between a cast and a person. The sensors may be mounted on a single sheet or on strips for positioning along the body, and monitoring is accomplished by multiplexing and digitizing the analog force signals.

Apparatus and method for monitoring contact pressure between body parts and contact surfaces
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May 23, 1991
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October 19, 1993
Paul J Moore Jr
890 Moline St., Aurora, 80010
Richard G Rincoe
49 South Homlman Way, Golden, 80401
Dana S Rewoldt
Timothy J Martin
A61B 5/103
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