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A signal representative of a television program guide, a signal indicating which program is currently being viewed or recorded and a signal indicating the class of program being viewed or recorded are received at the point of reception of a television program signal. The program guide signal is used to cause a program guide to be displayed on a television screen. A viewer selects one or more programs to be recorded or viewed from the displayed guide and selects a set of classifications that are to be permitted. While the received program indicating signal indicates that the current program is one of the selected programs and the received classifying signal indicates that the current program is of a permitted classification, recording or viewing of the program is enabled. A further extension of the invention causes the program identifying signal to be recorded on a video recording along with the program so that on replay the recording can visually be identified.

TV recording and viewing control system
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November 5, 1991
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October 12, 1993
Peter S Vogel
608 N. Sierra Dr., Beverly Hills, 90210
H04N 7/087
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