05250789 is referenced by 377 patents and cites 16 patents.

A shopping display system for organizing a shopping list in accordance with the locations of products in a store and for displaying promotions in response to a product being scanned by a product scanner. The shopping list may be generated with the assistance of a cash register tape bearing the product bar codes associated with the purchased products. The product scanner is mounted on a shopping cart so that promotions are issued in response to the products while the shopper is in the middle of the shopping visit. This system includes a display mounted on the shopping cart and a product code scanner. The system may also be provided with a disk drive, keypad and wireless communications.

Shopping cart
Application Number
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Application Date
October 31, 1991
Publication Date
October 5, 1993
Edward L Johnsen
Five Bent Ave., Wayland, 01778
Robert M Asher
G06F 15/24
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