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A tracking system (10) is for use in a weapons system (W). The tracking system is used to assist a gunner (G) in designating and tracking a target which the gunner can fire upon using a weapon under his control. A laser (12) operating at a wavelength beyond the visible band (i.e., 70.7 um) projects a laser beam (B) at the target which illuminates a portion of the target struck by the beam. The laser is boresighted with the weapon and moves with it as the gunner tracks the target. A curved window is interposed between the laser and the target. The window (16) passes a portion of the incident laser beam on it for the laser beam to strike the target. The window also reflects a portion of the laser beam. The amount of the laser beam passing through the window is substantially greater than the portion reflected. The reflected portion of the laser beam reflects at an angle (.theta.) with respect to the incident beam. A sensing element (26) upon which the reflected portion of the beam impinges emits a visible spot of light. The sensing element is at, or near, the focal point of the window. A visible, virtual image of the target, which is at, or near, infinity, is now created. This visible image is observable by the gunner. The gunner maintains the laser beam on the target by moving his weapon as the target moves. Movement of the laser beam produces a corresponding movement of the virtual image.

Visualization device for near-IR laser designator
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April 1, 1992
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October 5, 1993
John R Wootton
County of St. Louis
Gary Waldman
County of St. Louis
Polster Lieder Woodruff & Lucchesi
Electronics & Space
F41G 3/00
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