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A midinfrared laser tissue ablater having an Er:YAG radiation source optically connected to a first end of a fiber optic cable, a probe with a handle and a bifurcated cannula having a first half and a second half and a generally closed, hollow tip having an opening opposite the handle, a fiber optic integrally and coaxially mounted in the probe, optically and mechanically connected to a second end of the fiber optic cable and terminating at a free end in an interior of the hollow tip, the free end having a coating with a hole so that a pulse of radiation emitted by the radiation source is directed through the fiber optic cable and the fiber optic to the free end where the pulse of radiation is reflected by the coating out the hole in the coating and into the opening in the tip, an irrigation source connected to the first half of the cannula and an aspiration source connected to the second half of the cannula.

Midinfrared laser tissue ablater
Application Number
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December 18, 1991
Publication Date
September 21, 1993
T Scott Rowe
Mission Viejo
Jeffrey S Schira
Alcon Surgical
A61N 5/06
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