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Roast and ground coffee, which is contained in a sealed frustoconically shaped cartridge between a first cartridge face and a filter which separates the coffee from a second cartridge face, is extracted by first placing the cartridge in a holder to hold a rim of the cartridge so that the second face is adjacent a finger. The filter has a strength sufficient to withstand, without tearing, the pressure in the cartridge upon extraction, and the second face has a strength sufficient to deform and withstand, without tearing, a pressure in the cartridge upon extraction of greater than 1 bar but less than 10 bar. After placement of the cartridge, the first face is pierced with an injector, and a mixture of water and air is injected from the injector under a pressure of from 1 bar to 10 bar to deform the second face in a direction away from the filter and towards the finger to apply the second face against the finger to tear the second face to enable extraction liquid to flow from the cartridge.

Extraction of coffee contained in sealed cartridges
Application Number
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July 2, 1991
Publication Date
September 7, 1993
Olivier Fond
Vogt & O Donnell
A23F 5/26
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