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A casino game system which allows a person playing a first gaming device, such as a video gaming device, to play a conventional group oriented game. e.g. bingo, without leaving the first gaming device. One embodiment comprises a casino bingo game comprising a plurality of gaming devices which each allow a player to play a first game, such as stud poker. Each of the gaming devices has at least one means for generating sound corresponding to the play of the first game. A control station is placed in communication with the gaming devices. The sound generating means of the plurality of gaming devices is responsive to the control station such that the volume of the sound corresponding to the first game can be reduced at the beginning of a bingo session, in response to a signal from the control station. The control station is also capable of generating a first signal which can be detected at the gaming devices to indicate the beginning of the bingo session. If the person does not wish to play bingo, he can continue to play the first game. Alternatively, a person can access a bingo playing surface which is on a bingo card movably attached to the gaming device. The volume of sound emanating from the sound generating means is also reduced on those gaming devices where a player has not accessed the playing surface and has not elected to play bingo so that the distractions to other players who do elect to play bingo will be minimized.

Casino game system
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August 27, 1992
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September 7, 1993
Stanley E Fulton
Las Vegas
Daniel P Burke
D D Stud
A63F 3/06
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