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A point of sale system involving a series of check stands with POS cash registers and bar code scanners includes a lottery ticket issuing and redemption system. A number pick stand in the store, apart from the checkout stands, enables the customer to choose numbers. Pick slips can be generated by the customer at this stand, and bear a bar coded transaction number which can be communicated to a lottery device at each check stand. The pick slip is readable at the check stand bar code reader along with a series of store-inventory items. The customer is automatically charged for the lottery ticket, and the ticket is printed at the check stand. At the time the ticket is issued, the lottery transaction is recorded via modem to the central lottery computer of the state or other controlling agency. In another embodiment the number pick stand may encode the actual picked numbers on the pick slip, in an extended field bar code. The system of the invention enables lottery ticket transactions to be smoothly and efficiently handled at each check stand of a supermarket without in substantially the same manner grocery items are handled and without burdensome and expensive duplication of lottery equipment.

Bar code lottery ticket handling system
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September 30, 1992
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August 24, 1993
Jeffrey M Novak
Thomas M Freiburger
Spectra Physics Scanning Systems
G06F 15/20
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