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An integrated network security system is provided which permits log-on to a normally locked client on the network in response to at least one coded non-public input to the client by a user. At least a selected portion of the coded input is encrypted and sent to a network server where the user is authenticated. After authentication, the server preferably returns a decryption key, an encryption key for future use and any critical files previously stored at the server to the client. The decryption key is utilized to decrypt any material at the client which were encrypted when the client was locked, including any material sent from the server, thereby unlocking the client. The decryption key may be combined with untransmitted portions of the original coded input in a variety of ways to generate an encryption key for the next time the terminal is to be locked. When one of a variety of client locking conditions occurs, the previously generated encryption key is utilized to encrypt at least selected critical material at the client. Critical directories or the like in encrypted form may be sent to the server and a message is sent to the server that the client is locked, which message is utilized by the server to inhibit the client from further access to at least selected resources on the network.

Integrated network security system
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June 7, 1991
Publication Date
August 17, 1993
Kenneth P Weiss
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks
Security Dynamics Technologies
H04K 9/00
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