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An apparatus for diagnostic and verification imaging in radiation therapy that consists of attachments for standard radiotherapy equipment comprising an x-ray tube and an x-ray detector placed on opposite sides of a patient along the main axis of the beam produced by the treatment unit. The detector is placed on a plane orthogonal to the axis of the treatment beam and between the beam source and the patient, while the x-ray tube is placed on the other side of the patient, coaxially with the treatment beam and facing the detector. As a result of this configuration, the radiographic view of the x-ray beam, as seen on the detector, is equivalent to the view produced on the same detector by the therapeutic beam, varied only by parallax deviations that can be corrected by geometrical calculations. Accordingly, x-ray exposures and real-time verification of the position of a patient can be obtained with the same unit used for treatment and without requiring movement of either patient or equipment. In addition, the apparatus enables a user to produce diagnostic images that can be used directly to manufacture shielding blocks in conventional shielding-block cutters.

Method and apparatus for diagnostic imaging in radiation therapy
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January 13, 1992
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August 10, 1993
Gideon Barnea
7887 E. Uhl St., No. 410, Tucson, 85710
Harry M Weiss
Antonio R Durando
A61B 5/05
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