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A catheter for dispensing medication into a body passage or cavity has a hollow shaft and an elongated, inflatable and deflatable member at one end of the shaft. The shaft functions to permit inflation and deflation of the elongated member. The elongated member, which serves as a carrier for the medication, has an intermediate portion centrally located between the ends of the elongated member and a lateral portion on either side of the intermediate portion. Each of the lateral portions extends from the intermediate portion to a respective end of the elongated member. The intermediate portion is perforate to permit the medication to be forced out of the elongated member and into a body passage or cavity when the elongated member is subjected to pressure during inflation. The lateral portions are imperforate so that they can serve as seals upon coming into contact with body tissue as the elongated member is inflated.

Dilatation catheter
Application Number
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February 25, 1991
Publication Date
August 3, 1993
Ulrich Solzbach
Spechtweg 15, D-7800 Freiburg
Hansjorg Just
Kreuzkopfsteige 11, D-7800 Freiburg
Peter K Kontler
A61M 29/00
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