05230176 is referenced by 15 patents and cites 8 patents.

Temporary real estate signs are attached to a post and extending arm rather than suspended beneath the arm. The signs are attached to a supporting body having a U-shaped cross-section. The bodies are sized to fit around the arm and post respectively. Flexible members attached in one end to the body are led around the arm or post and secured temporarily to the body on the opposite side to secure the bodies in place. A number of temporary attachment means are shown. A version having the body grip the arm or post by extensions is also provided. In a second version extensions having a rectangular opening extending from the bodies are oriented to fit over the top of the post are provided to prevent the bodies from sliding with respect to the arm or post.

Temporary sign
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
April 28, 1992
Publication Date
July 27, 1993
Michael B Schomaker
1763 Gabbro Trail, Eagan, 55122
Donald A Jacobson
G09F 15/00
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