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A rotary, continuous pyrolytic conversion system converts solid hydrocarbons into gases, liquid hydrocarbons and char by pyrolyzing feed stocks including: plastic waste, tires and plastic from automobile shredding operations; containers and trays of styrofoam and other plastic materials such as used in "fast food" restaurants; rubber; leather; tires; garbage; sewage sludge; coal; oil shale; broken asphalt and the like. These materials are preferably shredded and kinds thereof having different melting points are mixed to facilitate movement of the feed stock through the converter without clogging. Preferably, the materials are baled and injected into the converter where they are severed as they are injected. The materials are fed by gravity from the input end of a converter drum to the discharge end thereof; the input end being elevated above the discharge end. The converter drum is contained within an outer drum which is in substantially air-tight relationship with the injector for the bales and with a discharge chute for the solid products of pyrolysis. A casing around the outer stationary drum defines an oven chamber which is heated by combustion products, from a burner providing a heat source, which circulate in heat exchange relationship with a matrix of fins extending into the oven from the stationary outer drum. A rod extends into the injection end of the converter drum for supporting scrapers against the inner periphery of the converter drum. A crusher bar is carried in the drum at the discharge end thereof and crushes the solid products which consists of char (mostly carbon black), metals and other non-organic materials. A chute containing water receives the pulverized discharge product and balances the pressure in the converter to maintain an air-tight seal therein. A second pyrolysis reactor may receive the solid pyrolysis products and be operative at higher temperature than the first converter to destroy chlorinated hydrocarbons. To assist in such destruction, lime may be injected into the first converter. A plurality of converters may be operated in parallel and utilize common equipment for cleaning the product gases released upon pyrolysis and to supply them to the burners of each of the reactors. Flue gases from the oven chambers of one of the plurality of converters may be supplied to the burner of the next converter for preheating gases for combustion therein.

Pyrolytic conversion system
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November 26, 1991
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July 6, 1993
Fred A Breu
N. Canton
M Lukacher
Wayne Technology
C10B 1/00
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