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A bag support device for supporting a plastic bag within a trash container, the device including a pair of elongate clamp arms structured and disposed to apply a clamping force on opposite sides of a wall of the container, and a hook member extending upwardly from a lower end of one of the clamp arms within the container, the hook member being structured and disposed to support a portion of a handle of a plastic bag placed within the container, wherein at least two of the support devices attached to opposite side walls of the container support opposite handles of the bag such that an open end thereof is held open such that items may be deposited therein.

Bag support device for supporting a bag within a trash container
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June 3, 1992
Publication Date
June 29, 1993
Donald F Light
#100 Bayview Dr., #2116, North Miami Beach, 33160
Malloy & Malloy
B65B 67/04
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