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A stereo imaging and viewing system for a borescope or endoscope employs a miniature camera assembly in which are disposed a CCD imager or equivalent imager, a wide-angle focusing lens assembly with an effective aperture on the order of about f/2 or wider, and an aperture plate interposed in the optical path of the camera and adjacent the lens assembly. The aperture plate has left and right pupils therein situated on opposite sides of the optic axis of the lens assembly. The pupils are separated from one another by a predetermined pupil distance that is somewhat smaller than the lens diameter. The left image passes through the left pupil and is focused through a corresponding portion of the lens assembly onto the image plane of the imager and a right image passes through the right pupil and is focused by a corresponding portion of the lens assembly onto the image plane of the imager. A selective mechanism, such as alternate shutters or distinct color filters, separate the left and right views of the target sequentially. Left and right views are then presented to a display device for viewing the left and right views stereoscopically.

Endoscope or borescope stereo viewing system
Application Number
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September 30, 1991
Publication Date
June 29, 1993
Raymond A Lia
Wall and Roehrig
Welch Allyn
A61B 1/06
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