05221282 is referenced by 164 patents and cites 24 patents.

An aspirating ultrasonic surgical device for the melting and removal of thermoplastic prosthetic implant cement is provided. The instrument defines a centrally located bore which expands in diameter from a surgical tip in the direction of aspirant flow for a length equal to at least 1/4 the wavelength corresponding to the resonant frequency of the device so as to prevent blockage by solidified cores of cement. Alternatively, the bore expands from a first uniform diameter extending from the tip end to a second uniform diameter. A compound taper at the tip end minimizes contact between the outer surface of the tube at the tip end. A novel transducer cooling system is provided by incorporating a thermally conductive, electrically insulating material between the piezoelectric crystal (which generates heat as a byproduct) and a hollow metal bolt which defines a central bore through which cooling irrigant flows to conductively remove heat generated by the crystal.

Tapered tip ultrasonic aspirator
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 21, 1992
Publication Date
June 22, 1993
David G Wuchinich
New York
Sonokinetics Group
A61B 17/56
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