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This invention relates to a medical needle used for injection, drip infusion, blood sampling, biopsy, puncture, examination, artificial dialysis, indwelling and so forth, and more particularly to a medical needle for single use such as a so-called disposable injection needle, has as its object the provision of a medical needle covering a wide range of safety before use, during use, and after use, and the needle comprises: a cannula having a sharp point; a supporting-connecting member for supporting the cannula and connecting the cannula to another functional member; and a cover member capable of being engaged with the supporting-connecting member, being movable back and forth in the lengthwise direction of the cannula and capable of covering the point of the cannula, in which cover member, a semi-stable position and a stable position are provided at a position for covering the point of the cannula, and, once the cover member fits in the stable position, it cannot move to any other position.

Single use medical needle
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July 17, 1991
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June 15, 1993
Masataka Saito
3-11-5 Kitakokubu, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken
Nixon & Vanderhye
A61M 5/32
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