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A device utilizable with an endoscope to promote sterility comprises a substantially thin-walled elongate tubular sheath made of a flexible material such as rubber, the sheath having a use configuration with an inner diameter larger than an outer diameter of an insertion member of the endoscope, whereby the sheath may be removably disposed about such insertion member to substantially surround same prior to insertion of the insertion member into a patient. The device further comprises a transparent cap member and an element or elements for attaching the cap member in a fluid tight seal to a distal end of the sheath so that the cap member covers a distal end of the insertion member of the endoscope. Biopsy channels, some of which are expandable from collapsed configurations to receive endoscopic surgical instruments during an operation, are provided on or in the sheath.

Endoscope sheath and related method
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December 9, 1991
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June 8, 1993
Peter J Wilk
185 W. End Ave., New York, 10023
Naomi L Nakao
303 E. 57th St., New York, 10022
Henry D Coleman
R Neil Sudol
A61B 1/00
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