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A memory device whose media scanning is vibrationally (cyclic harmonic vibration) or inertially (one-time pulsed read/write) driven is provided, comprising a plurality of cantilevers (7, 7', 7"), attached at one end and capable of vibrating. On the opposite end of each cantilever is disposed an array of storage bits (26). Opposite the surface of each cantilever having such a bit array is a read/-write head (27) which is similar in nature to a scanning tunneling microscopy or atomic force microscopy scanning-tip. Electronic support circuitry is provided to implement the memory device of the invention. Such circuitry includes a microprocessor (67), a multiplexer/demultiplexer (70), a group of circuits (66) comprising power supplies, sensing circuits and digital/analog and analog/digital conversion circuits,and switching means (65) to permit all of the previous functions to be properly addressed to/from the correct bit/array(s) and mating subdevice(s).

Application Number
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November 2, 1990
Publication Date
June 1, 1993
John W Sliwa Jr
601 Coleridge Ave., Palo Alto, 94301
G11C 11/21
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