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A separable inductive coupler for transferring electrical power across a dielectric medium using magnetic induction. Its coil geometry allows for easy disassembly of primary and secondary circuits. When primary and secondary coils are mated, an extremely low leakage inductance transformer is formed. This provides for good high frequency operation at high power density. The coupler allows electrical power transfer without metal-to-metal contact. The design allows easy removal of the primary or secondary coil from the transformer. The coil geometry has very low leakage inductance and very low high-frequency resistance which allows high frequency operation. The power transfer density is much higher than previously achieved with separable inductive couplers. Approximately 6000 watts has been transferred through a version of the present separable inductive coupler having a volume of 25.8 cubic inches, yielding a power density of 230 Watts/cubic inch. The coupler is adapted to provide a safe, convenient and weatherproof device for coupling power to a load, such as an electric vehicle to recharge its propulsion battery.

Separable inductive coupler
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
January 22, 1992
Publication Date
June 1, 1993
Paul F Carosa
Los Angeles
W K Denson Low
L A Alkov
Hughes Aircraft Company
H01F 27/30
H01F 15/02
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