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In a shock wave generating apparatus, a focal point marker is automatically made coincident with an image of an article to be disintegrated on a display screen. The shock wave generating apparatus includes: a shock wave generating source for producing a shock wave and transmitting the shock wave to a biological body under medical examination; an ultrasonic imaging unit including an ultrasonic probe to project an ultrasonic wave beam to the biological body, for producing and displaying an ultrasonic tomographic image of tissue within the biological body; a transporting unit for transporting both the shock wave generating source and ultrasonic probe along the biological body; a calculating unit for calculating a focal point of the shock wave generating from the source based upon a probe position signal derived from the ultrasonic probe, and for displaying the focal point within the tomographic image as the focal point marker; and, a transport controlling unit for detecting a positional condition of the ultrasonic probe to output a positional condition signal when an image of an article to be disintegrated located within the tissue of the biological body is displayed on the tomographic image, and for controlling the transporting unit so as to transport both the shock wave generating source and ultrasonic probe along a tomographic image coordinate system defined by the ultrasonic probe based upon the positional condition signal, whereby the focal point marker is continuously coincident with the image of the article to be disintegrated.

Shock wave generating apparatus capable of setting moving direction of shock wave generating source to ultrasonic tomographic image plane
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February 26, 1992
Publication Date
May 25, 1993
Fujio Terai
Nobuki Kudo
Foley & Lardner
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
A61B 8/13
A61B 17/22
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