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A fuel tank plug structure has a cap assembly provided with a cap member and a push button combination lock, a fixing plate including a lever for cooperating with the push button combination lock, an intermediate portion below the fixing plate defining a interior storage compartment adapted to contain articles such as keys, money, etc., a clogging assembly provided with a tubular portion including a lower engaging portion configured to be removably, received on, so as to close, a container or vehicle fuel tank filler neck and a supporting member causing the intermediate portion to be engaged with the tubular portion through a sealing member. The push button combination lock has a slider which will engage the fixing plate with the intermediate portion upon depressing a correct series of buttons and will disengage the cap member from the intermediate portion when the correct series of buttons are not depressed. Therefore, when the cap member is disengaged with the intermediate portion, it rotates freely to prevent removal of the fuel tank plug structure from the container and access to the hidden article and to the container contents. On the contrary, when the cap member is engaged, the whole fuel tank plug structure can be rotated as a single unit allowing the cap assembly to be installed or removed from the container or fuel tank filler neck to gain access to the container and to the storage compartment of the fuel tank plug structure.

Fuel tank plug structure
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January 8, 1992
Publication Date
May 25, 1993
Chi K Chang
Kuk S Yoon
Bacon & Thomas
Kuk Sun Yoon
B65D 55/14
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