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An implantable device and a method for the automatic detection of atrial arrhythmias and for providing low energy atrial cardioversion therapy for such arrhythmias, with minimal tissue damage and power drain, is disclosed. The device is capable of being incorporated within, and is disclosed as part of, an implantable automatic pacemaker defibrillator/cardioverter having the ability to also provide high energy ventricular defibrillation therapy, as well as dual chamber antitachycardia pacing therapy and bradycardia support pacing. Tripolar atrial and ventricular endocardial leads, each including tip and ring pacing electrodes and a braid cardioverting electrode therein, are employed in conjunction with a subcutaneous electrode lead in delivering therapy from the device to the patient, allowing the device to be implanted in and used by a patient without the need to open the patient's chest cavity. A number of different cardioverting electrode configurations are selectable for the multiple implantable electrodes, and automatic switching from one electrode configuration to another is employed if cardioversion is not achieved using the first configuration.

Apparatus and method employing plural electrode configurations for cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in an arrhythmia control system
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May 20, 1991
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May 11, 1993
Norma L Gilli
Elanora Heights
Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman
Telectronics Pacing Systems
A61N 1/39
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