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A masonry connector for connecting a structural steel stud and an external wythe of masonry units through interposed insulation is provided. The connector includes a substantially "L"-shaped clip, a high profile threaded screw, a first washer, and a tie wire. The "L"-shaped clip has a vertical arm for connection to the structural steel stud and a horizontal arm extending outwardly from the structural steel stud substantially at right angles to the vertical arm. The vertical arm has a first opening for insertion of the high profile threaded screw. The horizontal arm has a second opening, outwardly of the insulation when the insulation is installed for insertion of a tie wire. The high profile threaded screw is inserted through the first opening in the vertical arm of the clip and drilled through the structural steel stud. The first washer is mounted on the horizontal arm outwardly of the insulation for securing the insulation against the structural steel stud. The tie wire has a first end for insertion through the second opening and a second end for lying in a course of the external wythe. A second rubber washer is installed between the head of the screw and the vertical arm and a third spring steel washer receives the thread of the screw after it is drilled through the structural steel stud.

Masonry connector
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November 7, 1988
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May 4, 1993
Frank Rocca
L16 Conc. 8 Doane Road, Box 334, Mt. Albert, Ontario
Brian P McGee
176 Wedgewood Drive, Willowdale, Ontario
E04B 1/38
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